Does this sound familiar?

Raise your hand if -

You've ever bought something because you couldn't find it at home (even though you KNOW it's somewhere!).

You want to park your car in the garage, but getting organized feels so daunting, you put it off year after year. 

There's "nothing to wear" in your closet full of clothes (sure, half of them are on the floor...).

Food in your pantry goes bad before you have a chance to eat it... because you forgot about it.

Your mail pile has gotten so large, you're afraid it might have eaten the dog.

Is your hand up? Never fear! The Tidy Tips Workshop Series is here!

This series is perfect for you if....

  • You have always wanted to get certain spaces in your home organized. These projects have been on your to-do list forever, and you wish you could get them under control once and for all. You've searched Pinterest and read blog posts on the topic, but haven't found an action plan, so you haven't made progress.

  • You searched the big box websites for organizing supply inspiration - but found all the options are overwhelming, and you're not quite sure what you need anyway! You thought about hiring an organizer, but you really want to take care of it yourself (or you're on a tight budget).

Come to think of it, what you REALLY want is a peek inside an organizer's brain - to see how they create solutions for their clients. You would also love tried-and-true product suggestions, and to get top tips, so you can apply those ideas to YOUR space!

Meet your instructor

Carly Adams

Hello! I'm Carly, Professional Organizer & Owner of Tidy Revival. I opened doors to my business in 2017 to share my love of organization with others. I believe in using decluttering as the foundation to help people create peaceful environments with simple storage solutions. After years of creating systems for others, I developed this workshop series to help guide you through the thought process behind the systems I create for clients, in seven of the most popular spaces I am hired to work in.

What do you have to gain?

The biggest reasons to join me

  • Save time

    How much time have you spent trying to DIY your space without a planner's methodology? On top of that, how much time do you spend looking for items that you KNOW are around here somewhere... but you end up having to go out to get new ones.

  • Save your energy

    How much energy have you already spent feeling annoyed by your space? Knock it off your to-do list NOW and spend that energy on something you LOVE.

  • Save money

    Stop buying replacements for items you already have, and spending money on organizing items that you hope will solve your problems. Learn to make the most of your money so you have more for your favorite things.

Seven workshops to choose from

You can also bundle & save!

  • Bathroom Organization

  • Closet Organization

  • Garage Organization

  • Kitchen Organization

  • Pantry Organization

  • Paper Purging

  • Prepping Your Home For Sale

Each workshop contains

  • On-demand video (watch on your own time!) with me as your leader, walking you through each step of my planning process

  • Worksheet to help you plan your own space, so you get it right the first time

  • Shopping Guides and/or links to all the resources mentioned, to save you even more time!

  • Access to course materials for 1 year, so you can revisit the workshop as needed (or glean those tips to use in another space!)

What people are saying about Tidy Revival...

Motivated me to do more!

- T.

It felt so great to clear out unnecessary things and organize what was left. It also motivated me to keep it up and start in other areas of my home!

Blown away

- Ashley

I'm blown away by Carly's ability to have a vision within the chaos and then execute it simply and calmly when clutter is overwhelming for most, myself included.

Worth it!

- Donna

Your knowledge is definitely worth the money... I'm a project manager for a living and you exceeded my expectations!

You need her!

- Sherilynn

Carly is the best of the best. Not only was this a terrible project for me to take on (I'm a pretty naturally messy person - I blame it on being a creative), but it scared me so bad... HIGHLY RECOMMEND even if you don't think you need her - you do!

So much easier

- Tami

My favorite part was setting up my spaces to perfectly fit what we chose to keep. Decluttering everything first was hard work, but organizing what was left felt like a gift! Now we are able to keep our house clean and organized so much easier.

After you purchase your workshops, you'll receive immediate access to the online portal, where you can access all your courses in one spot. There, you'll be able to track your progress, and download your worksheets & resources.

I'm looking forward to helping you on your organizational journey! If you have questions along the way, please feel free to reach out anytime: or on Insta @tidyrevival